Icon Skill Name Character Skill Type
Unlimited Blade
Unlimited Blade Elsword Bravery
Triple Geyser
Triple Geyser Elsword Bravery
Roll Elsword Active
Dodge Step
Dodge Step Elsword Active
Iron Body
Iron Body Elsword Active
Mega Slash
Mega Slash Elsword Tenacity
Flame Geyser
Flame Geyser Elsword Strength
Extortion Root Knight Active
Pressure Root Knight Active
Persistent Rush
Persistent Rush Root Knight Tenacity
Sword Trace
Sword Trace Root Knight Strength
Sword Explosion
Sword Explosion Root Knight Strength
Resolution Root Knight Bravery
Resonance Root Knight Passive
Choice and Resolve
Choice and Resolve Root Knight Passive
Reclaim Sacred Templar Active
Predicted Counter
Predicted Counter Sacred Templar Active
Intense Slam
Intense Slam Sacred Templar Active
Detention Sacred Templar Tenacity
Dominion Sacred Templar Tenacity
Holy Sword
Holy Sword Sacred Templar Tenacity
No Mercy
No Mercy Sacred Templar Strength
Destination Sacred Templar Strength
Sin Cleaver
Sin Cleaver Sacred Templar Strength
El Assimilation
El Assimilation Sacred Templar Strength
Divine Lift
Divine Lift Sacred Templar Bravery
Retribution Sacred Templar Bravery
Sanctuary Sacred Templar Hyper Active
Thirst Sacred Templar Passive
Dilution Sacred Templar Passive
Trigger Point
Trigger Point Sacred Templar Passive
Awakened Will: Sacred Templar
Awakened Will: Sacred Templar Sacred Templar Passive
Oracle Sacred Templar Passive
Dies Irae
Dies Irae Genesis Hyper Active
Flare (Stage 1)
Flare (Stage 1) Genesis Master
Flare (Stage 2)
Flare (Stage 2) Genesis Master
Flare (Stage 3)
Flare (Stage 3) Genesis Master
Flare (Stage 4)
Flare (Stage 4) Genesis Master
Fate Genesis Passive
Sword of the El
Sword of the El Genesis Passive
Sword Shield
Sword Shield Sheath Knight Active
Mirage Sting
Mirage Sting Sheath Knight Active
Crescent Cut
Crescent Cut Sheath Knight Tenacity
Sword Fall
Sword Fall Sheath Knight Strength
Harsh Chaser
Harsh Chaser Sheath Knight Strength
Final Strike
Final Strike Sheath Knight Bravery
Cruel Slayer
Cruel Slayer Sheath Knight Passive
Sudden Strike
Sudden Strike Sheath Knight Passive
Fatal Slap
Fatal Slap Infinity Sword Active
Compact Counter
Compact Counter Infinity Sword Active
Infinite: Flurry
Infinite: Flurry Infinity Sword Active
Assault Dash
Assault Dash Infinity Sword Tenacity
Sword Blasting
Sword Blasting Infinity Sword Tenacity
Infinite Chaser
Infinite Chaser Infinity Sword Tenacity
Maelstrom Rage
Maelstrom Rage Infinity Sword Strength
Phantom Dancing
Phantom Dancing Infinity Sword Strength
Blade Circle
Blade Circle Infinity Sword Strength
Phantom Sword
Phantom Sword Infinity Sword Bravery
Infinite Strike
Infinite Strike Infinity Sword Bravery
Blade Rain
Blade Rain Infinity Sword Hyper Active
Brutal Slayer
Brutal Slayer Infinity Sword Passive
Sharp Sword
Sharp Sword Infinity Sword Passive
Lightning Surge
Lightning Surge Infinity Sword Passive
Awakened Will: Infinity Sword
Awakened Will: Infinity Sword Infinity Sword Passive
Master of Infinity
Master of Infinity Infinity Sword Passive
Infinity Storm
Infinity Storm Immortal Hyper Active
Sunrise (Stage 1)
Sunrise (Stage 1) Immortal Master
Sunrise (Stage 2)
Sunrise (Stage 2) Immortal Master
Sunrise (Stage 3)
Sunrise (Stage 3) Immortal Master
Sunrise (Stage 4)
Sunrise (Stage 4) Immortal Master
Master of Combat
Master of Combat Immortal Passive
Memory of the Sword
Memory of the Sword Immortal Passive
Kick Sword Knight Active
Armor Break
Armor Break Sword Knight Active
Mortal Blow
Mortal Blow Sword Knight Tenacity
Spiral Blast
Spiral Blast Sword Knight Strength
Impact Smash
Impact Smash Sword Knight Strength
Double Slash
Double Slash Sword Knight Bravery
Knighthood Sword Knight Passive
Iron Body - Guard
Iron Body - Guard Sword Knight Passive
Rolling Smash
Rolling Smash Lord Knight Active
Counter Attack
Counter Attack Lord Knight Active
Power Smash
Power Smash Lord Knight Active
Shoulder Tackle
Shoulder Tackle Lord Knight Tenacity
Sonic Blade
Sonic Blade Lord Knight Tenacity
Sonic Blade: Crescent
Sonic Blade: Crescent Lord Knight Tenacity
Sandstorm Lord Knight Strength
Vertical Slash
Vertical Slash Lord Knight Strength
Windmill Lord Knight Strength
Imperial Crusher
Imperial Crusher Lord Knight Strength
Armageddon Blade
Armageddon Blade Lord Knight Bravery
Grand Cross
Grand Cross Lord Knight Bravery
Gigantic Slash
Gigantic Slash Lord Knight Hyper Active
Wind Slicer
Wind Slicer Lord Knight Passive
Warrior Physique
Warrior Physique Lord Knight Passive
Counter Patience
Counter Patience Lord Knight Passive
Awakened Will: Lord Knight
Awakened Will: Lord Knight Lord Knight Passive
God of War
God of War Lord Knight Passive
Absolute Judgement
Absolute Judgement Knight Emperor Hyper Active
Sword of the Sun - Solarius (Stage 1)
Sword of the Sun - Solarius (Stage 1) Knight Emperor Master