1. Getting started
  2. Commands
  3. Power of Eun
  4. Base Ara
  5. Little Devil
  6. Yama Raja
  7. Yama Raja (Transcendence)
  8. Devi
  9. Devi (Master Class)
  10. Statistics
  11. El Search Party Collection
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Skill builds
  14. Changelog

Getting started


Ara Haan

"Until I face my brother again... I cannot give up!"

Hello, welcome to my Devi Guide!

I made it simply because there are no really good or up to date Devi guides. As a long-term Devi main, I want to share the best of my knowledge about this class! Let's just move to the content, thank you for taking your time reading my guide.


I won't go in-depth with commands, as it's more of PvP content. Commands are barely used in dungeons nowadays. Sometimes, they are required for specific enemy pattern but that's it.

Nevertheless, you'll probably need commands to gain MP for skills in Henir Challenge if you are undergeared. In this dungeon, you can only use 10 +300 MP Potions. To gain additional MP you should mostly use the loop or just spam all the way.

Power of Eun

If you're wondering what this bar under MP filled with 10 orange bullets is, it's called Spirit Energy. Every Ara uses energy orbs differently. First path uses them to release powerful skills that cost no MP, but all orbs instead; second path uses both MP and orbs for her skills to work; third path uses them as bonus points to increase her skill damage.

Ara is connected with an ancient nine-tailed spiritual fox, Eun. Her third Awakening Bead is covered with light pink fox tails. While Third Bead Awakening is active, Ara enters Eun Mode. She possesses features making her look similarly to Eun, such as nine tails, orange make-up and white hair. Power of Eun mode grants the highest amount of Critical, All Speed and Additional Damage increase during Awakening. If you awake with only one or two beads, these stats will be lower according to the number of beads used. Eun mode also grants you Spirit Energy recovery based on command hit count (6 per 1 orb). Killing enemies recovers orbs as well. Both actions make you heal roughly by 2% every time they occur.

Disclaimer: the stuff below is not a required knowledge for a Devi player due to her 3rd Job passive. You will only care about it prior to obtaining it.

You can gain orbs by:

For more reference, visit Power of Eun Elwiki article.


Note: though this is the Base Ara part of this guide, all the skills descriptions assume that you are going to play Devi. Some of her base job skills may suit another path.

Skill Traits Tips

This skill is only viable while leveling for more orbs. Later it's just redundant due to the 3rd job passive, Unleashed Chi. If you really want your orbs recovered, just use its counterpart, Life Swap. Energy Absorption requires hitting the enemy to gain orbs, as it utilizes orb draining system and doesn't provide super armor (neither by default nor via a trait).

Tip: Spirit Enhancement passive changes this skill's initial physical damage to magical damage.

While mainly used for cancelling, it makes you move, for example annoyingly causing you to fall from platforms. High Speed does the job better — even if still moving you, it doesn't make you fall as you can continue midair dashing. In turn, you are bound to fall after using Steel Body. Not a big fan of it.

Tip: Spirit Enhancement passive changes this skill's initial physical damage to magical damage.

Special Actives

This skill is awful, slow and doesn't feel that great to use, yet you can call it completely free for Devi because of her Spirit Energy recovery system in Awakening with Secret Art buffs. I won't recommend it though, it's still pretty risky to use up all orbs at once as Devi. She's got better alternatives. Good for Henir speedruns however (can oneshot Ran, Alterasia or Ifritian at low stages with enough damage, skipping their pattern).

Tip: Spirit Enhancement passive changes this skill's initial physical damage to magical damage.

It's used for energy gain while leveling. I don't see any use of this skill in later game for Devi.

Tip: Spirit Enhancement passive changes this skill's initial physical damage to magical damage.

Might sometimes come in handy, but you shouldn't use it in dungeons generally. It would be a nice evasion skill, but that jump ruins everything.

Only used to beat a remained enemy as a single skill. The skill itself wouldn't be worth bringing if it wasn't used to perform Killing Howl.

Tip: Spirit Enhancement passive changes this skill's initial physical damage to magical damage.

Despite being a part of Night Parade of One Hundred Souls (Little Specter's Secret Art), it suits Devi's gameplay. Though, be aware of the fact that it moves Ara slightly backwards, causing her to sometimes fall down from platforms. In most cases, Infernal Circle is better.


  • It moves and groups targets, making this skill fairly helpful in Henir against enemies like double Ran (if it doesn't put them in their first phase already) or Sander minibosses.
  • Spirit Enhancement passive changes this skill's initial physical damage to magical damage.


Little Devil

"I don't want revenge, but I want power that can defeat anything, power to save my brother."

Note: Secret Art chain skills' descriptions are included in Secret Art sections.

Skill Traits Tips

A neat replacement to Energy Absorption. It can be used to recover orbs even if nothing was hit but instead of draining orbs from the hit enemy, it recovers HP. Its cooldown is high because it could be abused in PvP. Mainly used for cancelling anyway. Be aware that you can't use it at extremely low HP.

Special Actives

Works similarly to Shadoweave. Damage is way lower than that skill, but it provides decent iframes that reach to the very end of the skill, which Shadoweave does not. It has also way faster casting time (you can move early after cancelling).

Its vertical hitbox gets larger with the Gigantic trait, which is barely shown by the visual effect. It can reach up to 3 platforms. Its horizontal reach is also better, as it fixes a visual bug where the skill SFX reaches the target but doesn't hit.

*take Persistent if it deals enough damage

Low cooldown, good for clearing if it deals enough damage to kill mobs instantly, or to support [Mod] Rakshasa Inferno. You can also use it to deal with bosses when your main skills are on cooldown. Can be used to quickly finish the enemy if they have a small bit of remained HP.

Suppression used to be better back when it could Power Stun the enemy and had better suction range. Honestly, it needs wider range, more damage and faster casting speed to be useful in dungeons. It applies a defense reduction debuff, so take it in raid if you don't deal damage.

Note: Gigantic increases its hitbox size, but not its black hole size.

Secret Art

Stance 3:

Stance 4:

Your first Secret Art. Killing Howl, also known as Wolf Secret Art, is a chain of skills that allows you to unleash a powerful additional attack at the end. Use or and start repeatedly pressing Wolf Stance 2: Wind Wedge. This will chain into Wolf Stance 3: Wolf Claw, Wolf Stance 4: Wolf Fang and the additional attack firing straight ahead, respectively.

Gigantic increases Wolf Claw's hitstunning ability if you cast it from afar. This helps with catching dodgy enemies like Gaia.


  • You won't regain the energy used by Wolf Fang via cancelling it with Killing Howl final attack.
  • Wolf Art gains damage increase from Strength Skill's Damage Increase +x% sockets.
  • The final part is not affected by The Setting Sun title, and does not consume El Essences.
- Increases Spirit Ball's damage and range, also converts following skills to magical:
  • Energy Absorption
  • Dragon Stance 2: Pulling Thrust
  • Falling Dragon
  • Wolf Stance 2: Wind Wedge
  • Exorcism Stance 3: Shadoweave
  • Steel Body


Yama Raja

"Kill, kill, and kill again,
Probably I'll meet you someday..."

Skill Traits Tips

To be honest, this is a nice Active skill. You can use it for cancelling, applying a speed buff or changing sides. You can dash automatically after the skill if you want (applies to mid-air dash as well). Ara gains the Acceleration buff when the skill is used. While it's only 10%, being multiplicative makes up for it. With this buff, Eun Mode and socketed 120%+ Attack Speed, your speed will be much higher. Sadly, its duration is way too short to keep the buff up most of the time, and it's a waste of time because it makes you dash away from the target. Only really used to get close to it.

Also, do note that relying on it isn't a great idea anymore, as the Action Speed buff cap (max 40%) now exists, so with this and Guardian of Elrianode you're closer to overcapping than others.

Provides a +10% (13% with the recommended trait) Magical Attack Power and Magical Defense buff for 10 seconds. It also makes Ara able to reflect several magical projectiles while it's up. Costs only 1 orb. Because of its high cooldown, it can't be up all the time (assuming you don't have cooldown acceleration/decrease buffs). Use it as much as you can, though make sure your main skills get the buff.

Special Actives

Definitely one of the best skills in the entire game. It's very satisfying, has great damage, ignores 100% Defense (20% in PvP) and inflicts splash damage on tightly grouped enemies. In exchange, its casting time is slow and not affected by Action Speed.

Pulls enemies in (even those behind you) to deal more hits. It's pretty simple to use and will deal full hits in 95% of cases. Don't forget that the more enemies are in its range, the more damage it will deal, assuming they are grouped. Ignition Spear is extremely effective on Trosh's Nest dungeon's bosses, dealing tremendous damage to them even if you are undergeared.

There is an annoying quirk where Herna Orb, Maya, Gaia and Dekal get pushed out of this skill range when the skill is cast while sticking to them. To avoid that, attack from a slight distance. Do note that this was fixed on the KR server already as of 8/19/21.

Too weak pulling effect. This version can be extended, but since it uses Super Armor rather than invincibility, I would never use it as this is just a death sentence. Plus, with how slow and weak it is, I don't really like or use this version of the skill nowadays. The [Mod] version is a lot better, being one of your main skills.

Secret Art

Stance 1:

Stance 2:

Stance 3:

*Heavy is only beneficial

Stance 4:

Your second Secret Art, Purgatory, also known as Rakshasa Secret Art. It's used often to deal high damage, gain energy or reduce cooldowns (look up Hell Gate). Purgatory spreads several energy balls that deal enormous amounts of damage. To activate it, repeatedly press Rakshasa Stance 1: Soul Reaping. It takes a bit long to cast, but the cooldown is rather low, as being dependent on Soul Reaping cooldown. The first stance (even with the use of the second stance) is also worth to use while clearing to beat a remained mob.

Most of the larger enemies can take full hits from this Secret Art. Be aware that enemies with Super Armor can quickly dash out of the prison.

It requires 5 orbs to be cast. However, Soul Reaping cancels itself, returning 3 orbs before casting Energy Burst, making it possible to use the art with only 2 orbs. However, this phenomenon requires sticking to the enemy. If you are too far from the enemy, Purgatory will still require 5 orbs.


  • The whole Secret Art has the highest MP usage out of all Devi's skills, excluding Hyper Actives and Master Skills.
  • Energy Burst is the only skill in Devi's tree that uses only orbs and no MP to work (excluding Falling Dragon).
  • Purgatory gains damage increase from Strength Skill's Damage Increase +x% sockets.
  • The final part is not affected by The Setting Sun title, and does not consume El Essences.

- Increases your Magical Attack Power and Spirit Ball's range. Decreases Knockdown rate.
- This passive is something that makes Wolf Art powerful, very often even outdamaging Rakshasa Art on smaller targets. You have a chance for summoning a powerful orange wolf that ignores the entire defense and guard. It sometimes fires more than one orange wolf. The passive also enhances Wolf Art itself and speeds it up (it also affects all the stances, including stance 1).

Tip: The damage increase buff stacks additively with the stat Strength Skill Damage Increase that affects both the original Killing Howl and the additional ones.

- Does the same thing as Howling Wolf. Additionally, decreases Special Active Skills' cooldown by 7 seconds every time Purgatory is released. It has no reactivation cooldown, and can get triggered very often.

Resurrection, as the name might imply, grants you a free revive. Helpful but can sometimes be annoying. For example, if you fall from a platform in 12-7, it will activate before you die and charge all of your orbs to regenerate HP based on their count, just for you to die once again. For quick recovery after being resurrected, awaken and trigger Secret Art buff or use demon potion (check the bottom of the guide). With both buffs, the orbs you've lost will be quickly recovered, so it's not as big deal as it used to be in the past.

The resurrection attempt only occurs if you have at least 5 orbs. It's suppressed if you get killed with one hit that exceeds the value of your current HP and the HP recovered after being resurrected. Not to mention, you won't be knocked down if you get killed with a skill that inflicts Stun, so you could die right away.

It does not put you in iframes, unlike the normal revive action. For clearing a dungeon like Spirit Sanctum solo without deaths, you still need Revive Synergy effect or a revival title like Eclipse or Forginay. Resurrection won't help you there.

Hyper Active
- It's mainly used for invincibility frames to avoid enemies' attacks. Can be sometimes used on mobs to gather them, but it's not as efficient. Just like every other Hyper Active, it's not affected by All Skill Damage, so its damage is even lower than faster and cheaper skills. Because of the cooldown, you won't be using it often.


Yama Raja (Transcendence)

"Are you ready to go to hell?"

Skill Traits Tips

There aren't many uses of this skill in dungeons. You don't need to gain additional Sacred Spirit Energy stacks anymore because they are full faster than you could notice. Maybe it's useful for breaking Grey Cages and Spikes in 12-6.

Special Actives

Binds enemies in place but lasts too short to be useful. Binding spears are a kind of homing, but any target can easily escape by performing a jump (the skill won't damage or bind enemies in midair).

Tip: It will deal all hits even if you cancel it, but won't bind the enemies hit.

The skill has a weak suction effect. Explosion damage is interesting because it's very high vertically but sadly, it does hardly any damage. On top of it, if you are sticking to an enemy, this skill may completely miss due to its hitbox being too far from Ara. The skill has some potential but putting it on your skill bar in the current form is never worth it.

It's an excellent skill, but it has cons. It's not good to cast in every position.

Rakshasa Inferno covers a large area which is why it's also decent for clearing maps (though, you should always use the [Mod] version for clearing). It's best to use on a Super Armored or immobilized target, since it knocks hit enemies up and pushes them far away.


Increases the range of Spirit Balls when there is more than 5. They also have a chance for ignoring Guard and Defense.

When gaining energy, you have a chance for summoning Rakshasa Spirit. It will be unleashed every time you are consuming energy and can be stacked up to 5 times. The effect won't be unleashed by skills and moves that don't consume orbs:

  • Dragon Stance 2: Pulling Thrust,
  • Life Swap,
  • Energy Absorption,
  • Tempest Dance,
  • Rakshasa Stance 3: Spear Prison,
  • Wolf Stance 3: Wolf Claw,
  • final Secret Art attacks,
  • Hyper Actives.

  • All attacks grant Sacred Spirit Energy that can be stacked up to 8 times. Wolf and Rakshasa Arts unleash them when they are cast.
    • Wolf Art summons Wandering Energy (an additional attack wiping enemies out on its path). Once an enemy is hit by Sacred Spirit Energy, bleeding effect is applied.
    • When Rakshasa Art is used, Sacred Spirit Energy is converted to Spiritual Energy that slows down hit enemies.
  • Thanks to this passive, Energy Wave is divided into three gaining an increase in its damage and vertical range. Each additional wave deals 1/4 damage of the original wave.



"Huhu. Only the strongest can survive in this world."

Skill Where to get Tips
Mod Book

Visually, it's the same as the original version. The difference is that it consumes less HP and gains fewer orbs at once. Instead, grants a buff that makes you recover 1 orb per 5 seconds by draining HP and lasts 25 seconds for a total of 5 orbs recovered.

Decent for triggering Pet Encouragement effect. You can switch back to the original version if you are worried about your life in some dungeons, though.

However, be aware that this can kill you in Berthe raid, so I recommend taking this Mod off, unless you are confident enough.

Tip: if the skill is combined with Unleashed Chi additional orb recovery whenever orbs are gained, you gain 2 extra orbs per 5 seconds from this skill for a total of 15 orbs recovered.

This version is better than normal, but use with caution.

Special Actives
Camilla NPC, free upon advancing to Devi

Don't use this mod in PvE. Its damage is lower than the original one, even if it's not cancelled. There is literally no reason to use it. It isn't very different from unmod, just produces additional spheres protecting Ara if the skill is not cancelled. Does less damage overall and has no special use.

Tip: This skill's second part won't knock down hit enemies.

This version is worse than normal.

Camilla NPC, free upon advancing to Devi

[Mod] version exchanges unmod's vertical range for more damage and a capability of following curved paths. I wouldn't recommend this skill for any dungeon's clearing besides Bethma Secret Dungeon and middle floor in Abandoned Icerite Plant. Take it while bossing for more damage.

Both versions of this skill are good and can be used depending on the situation.

Mod Book

You can clear some linear fields with it in low level dungeons. Its range is nothing crazy but still could be useful. Be aware that it moves you forward slightly. Not a big fan of it.

Tip: This skill's second part won't knock down hit enemies.

In most cases, this version is worse than normal.

Camilla NPC, free upon advancing to Devi

This [Mod] is excellent. Creates five large energy fields that deal damage while spinning around. Deals 25 hits per field (maximum 5 fields). Its damage scales extremely well with the size of the target. It's unlike every other skill that is good for big targets — deals great damage, even on smaller enemies, because the fields are initially concentrated at point-blank when they spawn. You should stick to targets to maximize damage dealt by this skill as the fields are located in front and back of Ara in the early part of the skill.

This version is always better than normal, you should never take it off.

Mod Quest, Mod Book

Throws several spears similar to those from Spear Prison. Has too low damage and not enough bind duration for PvE to be unironically used. Although, this version can be cancelled (last hit gets skipped) and will still bind the target, but it's no longer homing. You can sometimes consider using it in PvE, but it's still mostly for PvP.

Tip: This skill's second part won't knock down hit enemies.

This version is better than normal in general.

Mod Quest, Mod Book

Fires five explosive orbs. Similarly to Vortex Energy, the explosion range is very high, but as opposed to this skill, the explosion deals only one hit per explosion. I highly recommend using this skill for both clearing and bossing (small bosses) in most cases. The only downside of this skill is that it knocks up enemies and throws them far away, so it's hard to re-catch them afterwards, assuming they are still not dead.

Any given enemy can be hit by at least 2 explosions of this skill. It shows better efficiency than the regular Rakshasa Inferno on bossing while facing smaller targets. However, I recommend using this version rather than the original one against heads in 12-5 because they dodge a lot, and this version has a faster casting speed, so it's easier to hit them.

The explosions are lingering for a long time after hitting.

Both versions of this skill are good. Use normal for big bosses and [Mod] for clearing or small bosses.


One of your most useful and urgent passives.

  • Whenever a Secret Art is used, grants a Special Active Skill Damage +30% and 1.5x Special Active Skill Cooldown Acceleration buff (multiplicative with your current stats).
  • Once the final part of Killing Howl hits successfully, grants the Fear of Wolves buff that increases Critical Damage by 20% (stacks additively) and makes you ignore guard for the duration.
  • Purgatory also applies an extra effect, but in form of a debuff (decreases 40% of target's Magical Defense and Elemental Resistance by 100).
  • All the listed (de)buffs last 30 seconds.


  • You will gain 2 extra orbs every time Spirit Energy is gained after using a Secret Art for 30 seconds. You need to keep this buff up at all times.
  • During Awakening, 1 orb per second is recovered. With the Secret Art buff, it becomes 3 orbs per second. That's why it's a duty to stay awakened as Devi. It refills so many orbs that energy-consuming skills can be powered on their own. You technically also don't need to be in Eun Mode, as the tooltip would imply. Any bead Awakening counts. (Try to get Eun Mode anyways for the free stats.)
  • Decreases all debuffs' duration that affect Ara by 30%.
  • Spirit Balls will debuff hit enemies with Movement/Attack Speed decrease by 2% for 5 seconds that can be stacked up to 10 times (pretty much a PvP thing).

Note: The additional orb recovery after casting Secret Arts has no visible effect icon, but it's at the same timer as the Chi Release buff.

Hyper Active

It has safer iframes than Hell Blast and doesn't require positioning. Probably not in high demand to unlock it, but it's nice to have.



Master Class: Gaia

Building your Master Class

Master Class enables two features once achieved: the Artifact system and the Master Class skill.

Artifact is an additional pet that evolves through 4 stages, 9 levels per stage. Each stage unlocks special features. Stage 1, 2 and 4 are automatically applied once you reach the required Artifact level, however Stage 3 is based on identification.

Stage 3 effect — Hidden Power basically unlocks 3 effects that can be re-rolled with Master Artifact Hidden Power Scrolls. The best possible options for Devi are:

Row Recommendation
1st All Master Skill Damage +11~15%
Stage 4 Master Skill Damage +12~15%
2nd All Master Skill Cooldown -20%
Stage 4 Master Skill Cooldown -18~20%
3rd Boss Damage +12~15%

Artifact Accessories

The pet can also wear Master Artifacts. They not only raise your Master Skill Damage, but can also provide other powerful stats.

Item Recommended Stats Tips
Maximize +10~12%
Critical +10~12%
total: min. 20%
- Skill Cooldown Reduction +3~5%
Those come in handy for Devi who doesn't have any Maximize stat buff. Of course, the ones that provide Critical or both Critical and Maximize can be used as well. Just depends on what you achieve or buy off board. Also, because Artifact Circlet can provide up to 24% of Critical/Maximize from both idents, this allows you to socket more Boss Damage stones. Circlet is definitely your priority.
Critical Damage +4~5%
Critical Damage +4~5%
total: min. 8% per ring
- Physical/Magical Attack +1~2%
The best stat there is obviously Critical Damage. You are able to equip two rings of the same kind (as opposed to your character's rings), doubling the benefit. 16~20% Critical Damage is a huge boost. Rings are your priority.
Stage 4 Master Skill Damage +5~8%
All Master Skill Damage +(2*Growth Stage)%
total: min. 10%


Damage Reduction +9~12%
Damage Reduction +9~12%
total: 18~24%
- Damage Reduction +4~8%
The best identification rows to get on this item are stage-specific one and all stages one since those two stats have different multipliers and contribute to different variables, thus their efficiency doesn't decrease that much. However, having 2 times Stage 4 Master Skill Damage +8% or 2 times All Master Skill Damage +(2*Growth Stage)% idents is fine too. You can also go for Damage Reduction (or buy/identify another one) to be more tanky. Armor is not your priority however.
Stage 4 Master Skill Damage +5~8%
All Master Skill Damage +(2*Growth Stage)%
total: min. 10%
- Bravery Skill Damage +3~5%
Those provide you almost the same stats as Armor, albeit you can't get Damage Reduction.

Master Class Skill

The skill evolves through 4 stages. Each stage might have a different usage than the other.

Skill Usage Tips
Master Skill
- Not useful in dungeons as Stage 1.
- It has better range and damage but still not useful in dungeons.
- Debuffs hit targets with "Received Damage Increase +5%" debuff for 5 seconds. Can be used for clearing.
- An energy wave effect is added that locks you in animation for longer. Makes the damage overall decent. Excellent tool for clearing. Use it on bossing when your main skills are on cooldown. Can deal higher damage on big bosses with proper positioning. (It still contains the debuff effect.)
Master Active Force Skill
replacement of Drain Only good to use vs Dark Agate (12-8 boss) if Drain deals too low damage.
grouping targets An excellent skill for Henir speedruns, but can be most likely activated only once per run due to its extremely high cooldown (just like with almost all the force abilities). Can save a lot of time, grouping enemies and pushing them to you, perfect combined with Ignition Spear.
Master Skill Damage Increase It's good to use right before you want to release your Master Skill. However, t must hit the enemy to be effective. The buff is additive to your current stats.
Master Passive Force Skill
PvP Purely a PvP force, but not even that good because of low proc chance and extremely high cooldown.
Master Skill Damage Increase Superb for dungeons with lots of mobs. It can increase Master Skill Damage up to 30% at Unique rarity, definitely worth it, get it. The buff is multiplicative to your current stats, so it's admittedly strong. Use it as Devi for clearing.
Master Skill Damage Increase Passively increases Master Skill Damage and additionally, by 1% per 300k CP. Unique rarity is worth it, but not for Devi. Get Elite rarity. The buff is additive to your current stats. Use it as Devi for Berthe Raid or Henir.
Master Skill Cooldown Decrease A literal copy of Sol Dominion, except that it decreases your Master Skill Cooldown instead. The buff is additive to your current stats as well. You can use it if your Master Skill deals enough damage for clearing. The Unique variant is welcome.


Useful information

ERP, Gear, Sockets, ESPC

Statistics summary
Gear Critical (100%) Maximize Action Speed
Regular 100% Optimal
92% 86% 100% 80~85% 120%+
80.15% 71.15% 90.1% 70~75%
78.94% 69.94% 89.29% 70~75%
77.75% 68.75% 88.5% 70~75%

Priority in ERP (from highest to lowest)
Active/Tenacity/Strength/Bravery Damage +0.35% 100
Polarize - Attack/Attacked Damage +0.15% 50
Cooldown Reduction +0.2% 30
Adaptation +0.07% 100
Boss Damage +0.3% 50
Cooldown Reduction +0.2% 100



El Search Party Collection


*hover over icons to see character names

Bravery Skill Damage +1.5% Action Speed +5%
Magical Attack +1.5% Physical/Magical Attack +0.5%
Bravery Skill Cooldown -2% Critical +5%
Maximize +5% Bravery Skill Damage +1.5%
Boss Damage +5% Magical Attack +1.5%
Lower priority
Strength Skill Damage +1.5% Movement Speed +8%
Strength Skill Damage +1.5% Jump Speed +8%
Gives better buff than Flame Lord
Physical/Magical Attack +0.75% Magical Attack +150
Master Class for Aether Sage is completely not worth your coins/time
Useful in Berthe Raid
Boss Damage Reduction +5% Damage Reduction +5%


Recommended build
  • Catastrophe + Innocent + Diangelion = Adaptation +2% (Max 45%)
  • Daybreaker (MC)/Flame Lord (MC) + Innocent (MC) + Code: Ultimate (MC) = Polarize +3% (Max 45%) (Dungeon)
  • Code: Ultimate + Code: Esencia = All Skill Cooldown Decrease -2% (Except Extreme Heavenly Love)
  • Innocent + Daybreaker/Flame Lord + Code: Esencia = 2nd Path Character All Skill Damage +3%
Berthe Raid
  • Nova Imperator + Bloody Queen + Radiant Soul (MC) + Bluhen (MC) =
    (2 characters)
    Recovery Item Effectiveness +2%
    (4 characters)
    Recovery Item Effectiveness +4%, Upon taking fatal damage, gain 1 HP and become invincible for 3 seconds (Cooldown 180s) (All skill cooldowns are initialized upon revival in Arena) (does not overlap)
  • Radiant Soul + Bluhen + Fatal Phantom = 2nd Path Character’s All Skill Damage +3%
  • Nova Imperator (MC) + Immortal (MC) = +2% damage to enemies over 50% HP
  • Fatal Phantom + Immortal = Action/Movement/Jump Speed +3%
Farming (Environmental Debuff)
  • Innocent + Catastrophe + Diangelion = Adaptation +2%
  • Apsara (MC) = Item Drop Rate Increase +7%
  • Devi (MC) = ED Gain Increase +8%
  • Shakti (MC) = EXP Gain Increase +10%
Farming (No Debuff)
  • Shakti + Radiant Soul/Oz Sorcerer = Max MP +20
  • Code: Esencia (MC) + Dominator = 10% additional title count
  • Devi + Radiant Soul/Oz Sorcerer + Code: Esencia/Dominator = 2nd Path Character’s All Skill Damage +3%
  • Shakti (MC) = EXP Gain Increase +10%
  • Apsara (MC) = Item Drop Rate Increase +8%
  • Devi (MC) = ED Gain Increase +7%
  • Eternity Winner (MC) + Tempest Burster (MC) + Code: Ultimate (MC) = Polarize +3% (Max 45%) (Dungeon)
  • Rage Hearts (MC)/Doom Bringer (MC) + Eternity Winner = (2 characters) +2% damage to enemies under 50% HP
  • Tempest Burster (MC) + Immortal (MC)/Nova Imperator = (2 characters) +2% damage to enemies over 50% HP
  • Code: Ultimate + Code: Esencia/Code: Sariel = All Skill Cooldown Decrease -2% (Except Extreme Heavenly Love)
  • Eternity Winner + Tempest Burster + Code: Ultimate = 1st Path Character’s All Skill Damage +3%

Source: NA Collection Guide


Other useful information

Additional tips and skill builds



Date Changes
  • Changelog added.
  • Changed some skill info.
  • ERP Guide revamped.
  • Traits revamped, "Usage" column for normal skills removed, added "Where to get" column for Mod skills.
  • Cleaned up socket information.
  • Certain grammar and spelling fixes.
  • Skills in builds changed.
  • Added more Synergy builds and Collection characters.
  • Changed how character names are displayed in Collection section.
  • Updated skill bar UI to match the one in game.
  • Fixed tables corrupting site layout if opened on mobile devices.
  • Headers revamped. Hover over the header to see Eun Mode picture.
  • Mobile version minor bug fixes.
  • Power of Eun guide revamped.
  • Various Commands section spelling fixes.
  • Night Mode added.
  • Added and altered info in the Miscellaneous section.
  • Fixed page moving slightly towards right when toggling Night Mode.
  • Fixed layout breaking on mobile devices.
  • Skill Stacking table revamped.
  • Divided ERP priority into KR and other servers and also altered the order.
    • Can switch between them with a checkbox field.
  • Descriptions of each skill revamped.
  • List of contents added, located in the top right corner.
  • Added more headings and descriptions in the Devi (Master Class) section.
  • Added skill rotation info in the Miscellaneous section.
  • KR ERP deleted.
  • Added 3/25 patch info.
  • Revamped skill stacking stable.
  • Grammar and spelling fixes implemented.
  • Altered to focus more on Pruinaum Raid.
  • Added extra icons in the Master Class section.
  • Added Skill Traits Elwiki article link to "Trait" cell in skill table headers.
  • Fixed separator line color and font weight differing much in certain places when using Firefox.
  • Fixed Artifact icon links leading to non-existent Elwiki pages.
  • Fixed [Mod] Energy Void leading to normal Energy Void under skill stacking section.
  • All images are now stored on the website.
  • Fixed table sub-headers having the same background color as normal headers in night mode.
  • Released suggestions:
    • Mod skill tables now tell you if the skill is better, worse or situational.
    • Added Statistics Summary table for actual Critical/Maximize/Action Speed values you need depending on gear.
  • Removed the (now obsolete) low tier dungeon and Add Dungeon builds.
  • Changed Unmod Rakshasa Inferno's usage to match with the balance patch.
  • Updated [Mod] Life Swap with info neccessary for Berthe Raid.
  • Moved skill build info to the Miscellaneous section.
  • Artifact Spirit Stone info added.