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About me

'Talking about yourself too much can be seen as rude', they say, but I would rather be rude than have an empty main page.

I go by many different names, but most people call me Ritsu. Being introvert and not much outgoing doesn't mean I can't be open to meeting new people. I actually am, be it some sort of internet friendships or in real life, yet rather a calm person, keeping both feet on the ground.

I love programming, gaming, drawing and watching movies/animated series. All of them are my hobbies and the topics my life revolves around. I used to write novels, but I don't think I'll ever be doing this again. My writing style and ideas weren't enough to satisfy my expectations, so I dropped it. Also, my friend would probably shoot me dead if I were still writing books without reading them in the first place. Can't say I didn't try at least.

Didn't use any site creator for this page, most of it is done by me with the little help of the internet. You can however use its code to practice. I don't take any responsibility for you learning wrong things though. Some of this could possibly be done better if I were doing it now. For a simple site, I think it's good enough.

That's it for now, thank you for spending your time. Should you ever have any concerns or want to talk, hit me up on Discord.